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Friday 29 July 2011

T-shirt Trio

Sorry to inflict this on the good folks of Moreton-in-Marsh but with nearly eight weeks still to go, the Cotswold Bookstore team are walking billboards for the new Panama Oxridge book, Thyme Running Out.

The date and Thyme for the book signing  are Saturday 10 September at 11am.

Before that though, we have the signing for James Aitcheson with his Sworn Sword on Saturday 13 August at 10.30 am.

There might even be some traditional Norman fare - honey cake and mead.


  1. The hat suits you dad!

  2. Wow! Those look great - the design turned out really well. Hats too!! (Missed seeing this post over the weekend - only just spotted it today, Monday).

  3. Hi Heather. Panamas get everywhere. Keep watching the blog. Thanks Niles.(It's his hat!)

  4. Hi Panama,
    Grateful for your comment. Now all our followers will twig why we're all wearing the same style hat in the photo. Or do you want to give them a clue?
    Thyme Running Out orders are still coming in, e-mails and phone calls as well as customers at the counter. Plus Justin Thyme is also still going well.