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Saturday 23 July 2011

Beats TV

OK. So it's finished.

Very relaxing.

Like a 3D jigsaw with added glue.

I quite miss doing it.

A little most mornings and evenings.

Beats reality TV.

However, does anybody know what we're going to use it for yet?


  1. Well done! As it doesn't look anything like Thyme Castle, I'm guessing it's for your "Sworn Sword" window display in August.

    Your next mission, (should you choose to accept it) is to build a fully-working time machine entirely out of matchsticks!

  2. Spot-on Panama. The castle is in the window but we're still waiting on the books. Photo will then appear on the blog.

    We're stumped on your window. The matchstick model is out. None of us smoke and buying all those boxes of matches and cutting off the heads would be environmentally unfriendly.