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Friday 22 October 2010

Sky Arts and us

We know somebody who knows somebody who saw us on the Sky Arts program last night! Were we any good?

They were good enough to do us a write up and put up a couple of photos of ours. Thanks Helen.

Link to 'our' page.

Pity they didn't mention our book signing for Lesley Cookman. However, they might be doing something about Justin Thyme sometime in the future (or the past - never sure which with that book)


  1. I'm afraid I didn't get to watch the programme, but the write-up is a good piece of publicity, which I hope you get lots of benefit from.

  2. You never do know what publicity works. Was it Ford who said 'We know that half of our publicity works - we just don't know which half'? or something like.

    I think word of mouth is best and Nina and I do chat on when we've found a good book. Thanks for your help though. Have I got that blog or web address?