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Sunday 24 October 2010

Lost in Moreton-in-Marsh?

We have become aware that many of our regulars are having difficulties finding us. On several occasions recently, customers have had to be escorted into the shop, by a local police person, after they have spent some time, wandering around the town, looking for us. One of these desperate searches had apparently lasted for four days and the customer finally arrived, hungry, cold and exhausted. He was given tea and banana cake until he recovered.

The reason for the problem is, apparently, the colour of the front door. We have had to keep it closed during the recent cold spell and customers, used to the cream door, open or shut, have turned away and continued hunting when confronted with the new colour.

So now you finally know what is behind the Green Door!


  1. We were recently up your way, on a day out with relatives from Swindon.

    We know the area pretty well anyway, as we lived in Carterton, about 20 years ago, when my husband was in th RAF at Brize Norton.

    We stopped in a little coffee shop just down the road from you and as I can sense a bookshop from a hundred yards away, it didn't take us long to find you out.

    It was however, only to be a flying visit, as said relatives are not great reader's (how can they possibly be related to me, you ask)and were keen to be on their way to Snowshill Manor.

    When we are back up your way again, we will definitely pop in and spend an hour or two, so you will need to get the coffee on!!

  2. Son-in-Law was at Brize so we know Carterton a little.

    Yes, do please drop in. Perhaps we'll make it a Hot Chocolate from Tilly's rather than a coffee! That's perhaps the coffee shop you stopped at - right next door.