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Monday 1 July 2013

The Second Life of Amy Archer

Sorry, no image yet as this book is not released till July 17th. However, as the author lives quite close, I scrounged a proof from him and here are my thoughts.

The Second Life of Amy Archer by RS Pateman.
Hardback at £18.99. Large format paperback at £12.99

The central character in this most unusual psychological thriller is a young woman, Beth, whose daughter was snatched from a playground ten years before the novel starts. Beth has never recovered from her loss and the event and her reaction ends her marriage. She sufferers from bouts of depression relieved only by a hope that she can contact Amy through a medium. Then, Amy turns up on her doorstep, looking no older than when she disappeared. Is this a con or reincarnation?
   This tale  is remarkable both for its quality and the for the convincing voice of a woman in turmoil  for the author is male. Beth continually flips between mistrust and belief, between despair and elation and her tale will keep you guessing up to and beyond the last page and, I’m certain, will cause heated discussions in book groups across the land.

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