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Thursday 1 November 2012


Hi there
The mystery  labradoodle on your blog is me, Monty, short for Montezuma, a local chocolate shop in Chichester.
I celebrate my 3rd birthday this Friday, and was pleased to see my portrait on your site, reminding me of a wet but happy week in the Cotswolds.
Attached a picture of me in the snow, which I love, last winter.

Hi Monty,
Of course. I should have remembered but I'm bad on names. I was going to ask Nina but haven't seen her for a few days.
Great photo, by the way. I'll have to reduce it before I can put it on the blog. I hope there's tons of snow where you live soon but please don't wish any on us. You don't have to clear the drive!
Ludo sends regards.

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