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Thursday 8 March 2012


We had some nice contacts today.

First a tweet from that excellent author, John O'Farrell. A short review of his latest, The Man who forgot his Wife, is in our latest Book News. Rather chuffed that he's following us on
 @cotswoldbooks  His contact @mrjohnofarrell

Then we had a call from The States from the lovely Diz White. If you don't remember her from her previous visit, check out her site - . She came over to sign Haunted Cotswolds and she and her husband were great entertainment. More of her later, when I get some images of her new book, Cotswolds Memoir.

Finally we had a visit from Dick Robinson too. He's been all over the country giving interviews about the forthcoming book War Diaries - A Nurse at the Front. He'll be here again, of course, when he comes to talk about the book and the diaries on 17th March but he was kind enough to break into a busy schedule to see if everything was ready for his visit. It is, but it would be nice to have some copies of the book.

That's Dick on the right (just in case you thought it was Diz)

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