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Saturday 7 May 2011

The Distant Hours

Kate Morton's The House at Riverton was a huge hit, its popularity boosted further by its appearance as a Richard and Judy Summer Read.

Her second book The Forgotten Garden was also a well received big seller.

The third, The Distant Hours, arrived last year and with adjectives in reviews including, bewitching, haunting, stunning, atmospheric and compelling, it was no surprise to find it sold in great numbers.

However, now we have the paperback and this Gothic historical mystery is bound to fly out.


  1. I have only read 'The House At Riverton', to date and found that utterly absorbing.

    'The Forgotten Garden' lies somewhere in my TBR pile, because I can remember buying it, I'm just waiting for it to surface near the top.

    Kate Morton books meet with such great acclaim from just about everyone who picks one up, that I am sure 'The Distant Hours' will be no different.


  2. Hi Yvonne,
    Have not read them, I'm afraid. If something is a hit, there's no need for me to read it. Sometimes I'm backing something before it becomes a hit though. Bride Flight in paperback, Madonna of the Almonds, Just Henry and, to come, The Homecoming of Samuel Lake and Sworn Sword. I try to read off centre.