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Saturday 26 November 2011

White Dwarf Magazines

It's nearly December and the December issue of White Dwarf is with us.

Note that we still have a few copies of the October (Dreadfleet) and November (Necrons) issues but they will have to be returned next weeek.

If you've missed them, call in soon.

I will soon be setting up a separate blog for our Games Workshop section of the shop with news of how I'm getting on with my attempted mastery of the brush and paint pot, with pics of models that are shown us and news of anything new in the shop.

I'll link it from the shop blog so that you can find it easily and will let you know the blog name, soon.

The December issue has 'An exciting Dreadfleet Campaign booklet inside' plus some new Citadel Finecast VEMs (Very ugly monsters)

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