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Sunday 20 November 2011

Trisha on Youtube

 For those of you who have enjoyed The Magic of Christmas by Trisha Ashley (and I did) here's a little Youtube interview with her.

There's already good feedback from some of our customers and it is selling well.

Hands up those who would like to see other Trisha Ashley novels in stock?

OK Perhaps we'll start with A Winter's Tale which sounds fun.

PS Talking of Christmas, The price of our Chocolate filled Advent Calendars has dropped to only £2.99. I think we paid more than that! We just bought too many and don't want to eat them all oursleves.


  1. Hi Katie,
    Sorry, busy time so have ignored comments lately. Yes, we can ship but postage is so expensive, I usually point folk in the direction of that minor competitor of ours, Amazon.
    Drop us a line on and we can advise.
    However, if it's the chocolate filled advent calendar you are after, there's only one left and that's MINE!