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Tuesday 15 November 2011

'What time is it Eccles?'

When is Sci-fi not Sci-fi? When it's by Stephen King?

Stephen King has jumped genres in his latest though he seems, according to reviews I've read, to feel no compulsion to explain his time travel portal any more than did Edgar Rice Burroughs explain the portal that transported John Carter to Mars, 100 years ago.

(Film coming up on that, by the way. Shame it's Disney but you never know, they might not make a bad job of it)

Now if you want a really good explanation of Time Travel, look no further that Justin Thyme by 'Panama Oxridge'.

Hey! Don't stop reading. You may have read comments about  JT on this site before but we have just discovered a small box of signed copies of the paperback. Only a few mind so if you want one, be in touch.

Back to Mr King. Some reviewers love it, others hate it, but it's flying out here. If you've read it - let us know what you think.

(Blackout, a Time Travel book by Connie Willis has received rave reviews and if you've not read The Time Traveller's Wife then you've missed a wonderful love story as well as great Sci-Fi.)

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