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Wednesday 30 November 2011

£2.00 off Justin Thyme

I'm afraid we've done a silly billy thing. Somehow, despite the certain knowledge that one of the most sought-after books this Christmas will be the paperback edition of Justin Thyme, we have managed to run out of it completely.

Therefore, to reduce the disappointment, we have decided to cut the price of the hardback by £2.00 bringing it a little closer to the price of the paperback.

The hardback, from now till the New Year, will be £10.99 (the paperback is £7.99).

The hardback edition will make a super Christmas present (especially if combined with the amazing sequel, Thyme Running Out, at £12.99)!

Meanwhile, the secretive author, Panama Oxridge, is busy writing the third book in this amazing sequence. However, we are not quite sure what century he is in, right now, so he may have finished it or perhaps he's not started it yet. Time travel can be very confusing.

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