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Wednesday 16 November 2011

Robin Hobb - Caveat Emptor

One of my favourite authors is Fantasy writer, Robin Hobb.
From the first book in The Farseer Trilogy, starting with Assassin's Apprentice I have enjoyed her work.
Right through another three trilogies, The Liveship Traders, The Tawny Man, The Soldiers Son and on into The Rain Wild Chronicles, she has maintained her high standards of plotting with sympathetic yet very human characters set in a totally believable landscape and social context.
Even the books written earlier under the name of Megan Lindholm were of interest and the pair comprising The Reindeer People and Wolf's Brother were already up to the Robin Hobb standard. Indeed, these are two of my favourites.
(Fans of Hobb may not be aware of these two, but I'm pleased to say that they are back in print and available at the shop)

So, where is all this leading? Right to her own comments on a con trick designed to take your money and disappoint you, apparently in her name.

Have a quick read of her blog and take care -  under Caveat Emptor.
Her site is a goody too - those jackets make you want to read them all, don't they?

(PS Anybody read anything by Jennifer Fallon?)

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