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Saturday 11 June 2011

Ann Granger Signing

We were very pleased to meet with author Ann Granger and her husband John today. Ann came in at exactly the right moment as the photographer from the Cotswold Journal was raring to go. 

Ann sold heaps of her books. Two ladies went out with at least eight books each and the total sales for the morning approached forty. In fact we were often too busy to offer wine to our customers so now we will have the bother of drinking it all!

Another highlight of the morning was the wonderful cake that Marilyn made. She had decorated it in the colours that appear on the jacket of Rack, Ruin and Murder and Ann and John were most impressed.Thank you Marilyn and thank you Ann and John for a great morning.

(There are a few signed copies left - first come, first served)


  1. The cake looks delicious, shame about the wine lake, shout if you need any help, I'll bring my own straw!!

    Seriously, it sounds like you had a fantastic day and I am so glad that you were kept busy, it's good to hear.


  2. Cake soon went, customers and David mostly, but the wine is in the fridge. By all means drop in and help out.