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Monday 13 June 2011

Support your local bookshop

Here's a nice quote from a good friend to the shop. Hope you don't mind me using this J.

'We must support the small friendly independent Book shops,that perform such a vital role in maintaining the quality of life in small towns.

A great deal is lost if everyone sits, isolated, clicking on web sites to get cheap bargains.Community life is steadily eroded,people get depressed and Tesco and Amazon guzzle up more town centers like loggers clearing more and more of the rainforest chasing so called profits.

Oh dear I sound like Prince Charles!'


  1. I now live in Frome, Somerset and we have a thriving independent bookshop, that is very well supported.

    'Hunting Raven' also work closely with the local schools and provide many of the educational books needed.

    Their shop is divided equally between adult and childrens literature, so we are obviously endowed with some very avid young readers in the town.


  2. We're far too weak with local schools. Should do more. Never seems to be the time.
    We give book circles a special discount and try to hold frequent signings to keep our profile up.

    Age seems to be the main barrier to progress. David isn't the same dynamo that he was when he was only 63!