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Thursday 2 June 2011

Ann Granger Window

The good folks at The Bookshop in Colne, Lancashire
( bookshopcolne on Twitter) were kind enough to let us pinch one of their ideas for a window.

By no means as good as theirs, we have used the idea to promote our book signing for Ann Granger on Saturday 11 June (10.30 am).

It's still missing the murder weapon and I can tell you that the body in Rack Ruin and Murder was NOT found in a suitcase but we couldn't fit a sofa in the window!

If you want to know any more, come along on the Saturday. There is a special offer of £5.00 off the price of Ann's new title or, if you pay full price, a free Ann Granger paperback.

Here's a link to a blog by one of our followers - Thanks Yvonne - that's a great write up.

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