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Monday 23 August 2010

Katie and Des Fforde visit

Nina and I were delighted to greet surprise visiting authors, Katie Fforde and her husband Des. I was hugely embarrassed that my intention to order her latest had not been followed through and we didn't have a single one of her titles in the shop.

Katie's new hardback, A Perfect Proposal, is doing very well and we really will have it on our shelves in the next day or two - promise.

Des has put together a collection of seafaring stories containing pieces by Forrester, Monsarrat, Captain Marryat etc and profits will go to The Prostate Cancer Charity. If you want to know more about A Seaman's Book of Sea Stories go to and click 'New Titles' We'll have the book in soon.
Des is an ex seaman and still looks the part.

Nice meeting you both. Perhaps we could organise a family signing with the pair of you and Jasper?