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Thursday 5 August 2010

Discovered - A Justin Thyme Secret

You would think that, as David Nina and I have had our copies of the amazing Justin Thyme for three years now, there would be nothing left to find. How wrong could you be. Not only did I find yet another terrible pun in the name of one of the Thyme family but also, sharp eyed Nina spotted something we have all been looking for all this time!
( I immediately mailed the author to tell him what I thought of him!)
Nope - can't tell you what it is and certainly can't tell you where it is. We swore an oath, that we would never divulge the secret. even if forced to listen to an audio tape of Katie Price's latest book for days on end.
We have received congratulations from the author who believes this may be the first time this particular secret has been discovered. Only four hundred and seventy two more to go!
Well done Nina. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.


  1. Ooooh can't wait to search through it myself now!

  2. HI DJ. Really good of you - making the time to check out our Blog. I rarely seem to make time for that sort of thing.
    Ref secrets in JT. I'm now well into it for the third time and have also been tripping over stuff I missed first and second time around. Also enjoying the humour more.