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Saturday 28 August 2010

Justin Thyme Window

Shop shut at 6.30 but I wanted to get Justin Thyme out and about on this holiday weekend. A hasty window was the result. Thanks to the jewellers across the road( Howards of Moreton-in-Marsh) and Wild at Heart a few doors away for the wonderful props. They were so good that a group of visitors, a friendly bunch, (Mum and Dad from New Zealand) stopped to take photographs. Naturally, they went away having ordered a copy of Justin Thyme! Our total sales figure is now 282. Nutty Nina now wants us to aim high and go for 350!

The visitors also spotted some dice which I'd removed from our last window display so I sold five of those too. The toyshop will be pleased!

Notice the time on the large clock. It was set like that when Nina fetched it from Wild at Heart. The hands pointing exactly as those on the cover of the book. Wierd eh? Even weirder, the date was set at 15, just as on the book jacket. I changed it to 11 as that is the date of the signing.


  1. Wow! That looks fantastic. Thank you!

    I noticed the time on the clock straight away, and thought you'd done it on purpose; yet another odd coincidence for it to be like that by chance!

  2. The window is attracting a fair amount of interest but we we're going to have a bunch of bananas in it too. 'Fraid I ate them!

    Number now rests at 297 but I had to let one go without your signature as I was threatened with violence unless I did. Hope that was ok? Does that count as 298?

  3. That's amazing! 15 pre-orders in one day must've broken your previous record!

    And one less to sign is fine by me. My main concern is getting books into the hands of readers. If that takes a signature, then okay - if not, that's okay too!

  4. OK Pity I couldn't have made the 300 though.