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Thursday 26 August 2010

Justin Thyme arrives!

They've arrived! Delivered in the rain so we had to rush them out of their plastic wraps, one dozen at a time, and make sure they were all dry. However, we did make time for a quick snap of my evident pride and pleasure stood beside some of them.

Here's the rest, transferred upstairs and waiting for signatures and labels in two weeks time. That's when the work really starts! Boy, are we going to be busy and that include Panama Oxridge who will have over 300 copies to sign. ( Advance sales from across the UK and beyond stand at 272 !!!)


  1. oh my god! i can't wait to see it all tomorrow!

  2. Oooh ... that's a scary-looking pile of books!

    When you read the type-written three-zero-zero it really doesn't hit you the same as seeing them in a photo. It makes me realise it's time to practice my siganture!

    However, I still think you have the hardest job, packing and mailing out the pre-orders.

    Thanks again,
    See you all soon,

  3. Uh! No, you're wrong. When you've done signing, you're down to help us pack them all. We know what an expert you are. We miss that gorilla proof packing.

    Actually, that really is about 300 on top of the table with another 200 beneath it.

  4. How very exciting! Great photos.