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Monday 17 October 2011

Multiplying Models.

There was one thing I forgot to say on yesterday's post - we also stock White Dwarf.
That's the Games Workshop magazine containing advice on modelling, painting and gaming. It's a really useful monthly magazine. The photographs of some of the expertly painted miniatures, that appear every month,are incredibly detailed. 

The models in the window have multiplied and on Wednesday, we hope to have representation from Warhammer 40,000.

However, just in case you are wondering - yes, we still are a bookshop and we'll soon be talking about books again.

And we still are a bookshop that loves dogs. This is Hector who called in on Sunday. He's a friendly hound but don't invite him in if you own a china shop. Bulls aren't in it.

Nice to meet you Hector (great name!) and thanks for bringing your folks in with you.


  1. Hi,

    I love the new look blog.

    So how much floor space have you lost from your books to make way for the new venture?

    It's a shame that you felt the necessity to diversify in this way, although the games shops always seem to have a full house, especially at the weekend, the one in the Brunel Centre in Swindon is sometimes the busiest shop in the place.

    I have just visited my local independent bookstore in Frome and they are trying to boost their income and footfall by joining a scheme called 'Hive' ...
    It has been started up by Gardeners Book Distributors, whereby the customer can order online, then, if being at home to take delivery is going to be a problem, choose to have their parcel delivered to their local bookshop for collection. The shops are working on the basis that the increased footfall mat encourage impulse purchases and the shop also gets a handling commission of about 7% of the order value.

    Hope that your Games Workshop increases business for you and that your regular customers will soon get used to the idea.


  2. Hi Yvonne,
    How are you doing?
    We looked at Hive but couldn't see why internet users would buy local. Either you go to Amazon or to your shop. Folks phone us to order. Why go on-line, avoid Amazon, then pick it up at the shop? There may be a small increase in numbers in the shop (very small) but would that cover the huge drop in our share of the profit? That's what HIVE (Gardners) keep. And prices on HIVE may well be lower than in the shop causing some people to avoid us! That was our view. We shall see.
    Games Workshop is a small fraction of the shop, Perhaps 1/30th. It may work in the long term but isn't yet. No advertising yet though. Again, we shall see.