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Sunday 16 October 2011

Games Workshop in Moreton

 Finally we are up and running with our new (ad)venture. Cotswold Bookstore is now an official stockist of Games Workshop products.
We have taken quite a while to decide on this venture but we like to think that many of the customers for this product, may sometimes like to buy a book too.

Here's the new stand, full of Games Workshop games, miniatures and paints.

The three worlds are all represented, that's Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and Lord of the Rings.

Tony is a fan of the latter, though he's into modelling and painting, rather than the actual gaming.

Perhaps the prices are not visible in this photo, but we are extremely competitive, even with that minor competitor of ours - Amazon.

Here are some of Tony's Lord of the Rings models in our window display (top). The models below his have been loaned to us and assembled by Ben and painted by Mike. Thanks guys!

(Remember, click the pic for enlarged copy)

This is not just a game for children. Indeed, it would be the ideal hobby for kids and Dads to share. There's a big kid inside every Dad (or Granddad, in Tony's case) and we know a good few adults who are proud of their vast armies of Space Marines, Empire Cavalry or Uruk Hai.

Do pop in for a chat about this very social hobby and check out our prices. We even have a special spray-paint service for beginners. We'd also like to meet those experts among you for we could do with plenty of advice from the other side of the counter.

One last thing - If you would like to see YOUR painted Games Workshop models in our window and on this blog, do call in and show us them.

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