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Saturday 29 October 2011

The Magic of Christmas

Now here's a light, amusing and intelligent read, just perfect for Christmas.

The Magic of Christmas by Trisha Ashley
Paperback at £6.99

Lizzie plans to leave her philandering husband, Tom, once son Jasper goes to college in a few months. However, Tom leaves her, permanently, by driving her car into a quarry. This sudden freedom doesn’t change her life as she continues cooking in competition with old flame Nick, writing her ‘Life in Recipes’ column and rehearsing for the traditional Mystery Play, that is until Tom’s girlfriends start turning up.
   OK. This sounds very chic-lit but it is packed full of memorable eccentric characters and is very funny, very witty and has some particularly observant description that will make you laugh. It’s also delightfully personal, as if a friend had phoned to tell you of her day.
   The perfect Christmas read, romance included.
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  1. it is a great read. Thank you for linking to my blog too! I really must pay your bookshop a visit soon.

  2. If you are headed our way, let us know first so that I can be sure to be in. Have been know to have a day off.
    I don't think you'll get many hits from our link. There's a farmer in Afghanistan who seems to take an interest in our piece on Dorset Woolly Pigs but there are not many other regulars.