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Wednesday 6 April 2011

The paperback of TRASH has just arrived. This time around we have it where it belongs - on the children's shelves. I reviewed it when it was in hardback and include the review here because it is such an enjoyable and uplifting read, despite the subject matter.

Trash by Andy Mulligan Paperback at £5.99

The setting of this unusual novel is the filthy, dangerous rubbish tips outside a city in an unnamed African state. The subject is the plight of the families who survive by scavenging from these dumps. Central to the story are three street wise young boys who make an astounding find on the tip. It is one that puts their lives in danger from corrupt officials and police. A wrong step and they could be killed and cast onto the heaps that provide them with a living. Amazing in its ability to contrast the terrible lives these children lead with the joy they have in living, this small, courageous book gives cause for thought, even as you share the boy’s adventure.

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