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Monday 1 November 2010

Panama Oxridge Interview

There's an excellent interview with Panama Oxridge on The Book Zone.

Please follow the link to find just a little bit more about this secretive author.

Don't forget, too, that we'd love to hear what you think of the book and what clues you have found.

The book is still rushing out of the shop and there are big sales elsewhere too. I understand there is a new print run coming soon but we still have plenty of the first Inside Pocket edition to see us through till Christmas.


  1. Nice blog, Tony. But I need to know where that blasted real name is! I've been over that cover with a magnifying glass!

  2. All will be revealed, one day (perhaps). Let me know when you've read the book. I'm itching to get the next one.

    Thanks for looking in. Like you, I'm a little cheesed with twitter. Too many re-tweets filling up the pages.