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Tuesday 23 November 2010

More Remains of Sherlock Holmes

Here's our window full of 'The Remains of Sherlock Holmes' ready for our signing on Saturday.

The Christmas Fair will be on through the afternoon and, after the lights go on, Paul W. Nash will call in to start his signing. We expect him to be here just after 5pm.

There will be mince pies for those early enough and wine, of course, with soft drinks for those who are driving.


  1. I hope that you had a busy and successful evening.

    The lights down here in Frome, are something of a disappointment this year, with the absence of a tree in the Market Square, adding to the gloom.

    There is an all day event throughout the town, this Sunday 28th November, so let's hope that helps boost the spirits somewhat!!!

  2. We had a great day last year when the Christmas Fair was here and, with the signing, tomorrow should be even better.

    I hope your day, the 28th, is a great day too.