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Friday 4 January 2013

Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year to you all.

There's a few books that I've enjoyed recently and, when I can make the time, I'll knock up my thoughts on them.

Of course, if you like the sound of them, you'll have to go to The Borzoi Bookshop in Stow or Jaffe and Neale in Chipping Norton for them. We're fresh out of books.*

The poor old shop really looks a wreck as we've been busy fetching down years of accumulated junk from upstairs and either getting folks to take it away or piling it in the skip outside.

Someone wanted the scrap wood but we cannot remember who that was. If you know - get in touch.

The same applies for our large rug. Someone asked for it but who?

Lots of kind people still arrive to tell us how sorry they are to see us closed. It would have been great if someone had taken over but it's not that kind of world any longer. Sad.

(* Might have a few Justin Thyme's around the place somewhere)

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