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Monday 14 May 2012

The Inheritance - Hobb and Lindholm

Recently arrived - a Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm combination of short stories.

Any story by either author will be something special.

Hobb's Liveship Traders and Farseer trilogies have a huge fan base. I can highly recommend both them and The Reindeer People and Wolf's Brother by Megan Lindholm, particularly to those who have enjoyed the work of Jean M Auel (Clan of the Cave Bear etc).

Hobb's work can be read over and over and the two titles of Lindholm I have mentioned are memorable and an excellent intro into her work.

The new book, The Inheritance, takes its title from a Hobb story but the majority of the stories in the book are those by Lindholm.

Robin Hobb has a site which she runs more like a blog at while Megan Lindholm has a less illustrated site at

And before I get comments, yes, I know, both authors are one and the same person. (I know it - I'm not sure if they do!)

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