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Sunday 17 July 2011

Adrian Magson signing

 Adrian Magson and his wife Ann, who acts as driver/photographer/advertising-hoarding, were very welcome guests yesterday.

Adrian was there to promote the first book in the 'Inspector Lucas Rocco' series and promote it he did.

He handed out bookmarks and introduced himself to customers for about 5 hours non-stop.

We're just sorry that the weather ruined the first part of the day thus reducing the sales of Death on the Marais.

Despite this, a good number were sold and customers received a £5.00 off voucher for the next in the series, Death on the Rive Nord.

We still have a few signed copies of Death on the Marais and, for a limited time, they will contain those £5.00 off vouchers.

Adrian also sold a fair few copies of his earlier spy novels, Tracers and Red Station.

He gave us the news on a new venture too. For some years Adrian has written articles for 'Writing Magazine' and has now developed these into a book called Write On - The Writer's Help Book.

Write On contains advice for beginners on the complete writing/publishing process from 'Where do I start?' to 'How do I submit my manuscript?'.

It's published soon and we will have it in stock.

As well as all this sales and publicity, this lovely couple brought French wine and biscuits to go with the atmosphere of the book. Perhaps the photo shows the result. Tony has an empty glass and David is half asleep.

Adrian, Ann, thanks for a great day!

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