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Tuesday 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

Here's wishing you all a Happy New Year (and sorry we were too busy to squeeze in a 'Merry Christmas' a few weeks ago)

Can a whole month have gone by without us noticing it? It may have been something to do with the double whammy of the Christmas build up and the build up of snow and ice!

Nina bravely hiked in to open the shop on the day that the snow came down and then, having slept under the counter all night, opened up on Sunday 19th December. Meanwhile, David and I were still digging our way out onto the main roads.

As you might expect, the harsh weather kept most of our customers indoors for the week and so we were much quieter than normal.
A big thank you to those of you who did make it through the drifts to buy your Christmas gifts from us.


  1. Happy New Year to you all.

    The weather was a little drastic for a few days, wasn't it?

    The main roads were cleared quite quickly, but actually getting to a main road, was one challenge too far.

    I felt so sorry for the retail sector. As if the outlook wasn't gloomy enough as it is, to have the seasonal trade curtailed so cruelly, was an unwanted extra blow.

    I hope that you were not affected too badly and that trade will continue to flow in 2011, seeing as books will miss the dreaded VAT rise.


  2. In truth, Yvonne, it was a disaster. Down 25% on same month last year. 25% of Dec sales really hurt. I expect most were hit in the same way except the pet shop which sold out of wild bird food! We were taking peanuts while they sold out of them!

  3. That's a real blow, I am so sorry to read those statistics.

    I hear that Waterstones are going to be closing 20 stores over the country. I wonder if this really marks the demise of the printed word, or if indie sellers, such as yourselves, will be able to fill a niche, for the customers who wish to buy books as gifts and would rather 'see before they buy'.....let's hope so.


  4. I found your blog today. How lovely to own a bookstore. I think that would be the ideal job. I hope you can weather the recession or whatever the politically correct name is for it. I love the Cotswolds (grew up in London). Does Agatha Raisin ever stop by?

  5. Will M C Beaton be doing a signing this year? I am a big fan.

  6. The post for February appears to be missing ;)

  7. OK Back after a lot of rushing around after Christmas and our holiday in New Zealand and discover I've been missed here on the blog. Sorry for delay.
    Fiction books - My view differs from David's but I think the only outlet for books in small towns of the future will be charity shops selling second hand ones that will have been bought on the internet.

    Cozy in Texas - We'll weather it for a while. Or we hope to. depends on the landlord as the lease is up in April and we're still discussing terms. But yes - it's a great 'job' (I think of it more as a hobby). Not Agatha but her creator, MC Beaton, sometimes drops in and we've had her in for signings. See 'Anonymous'.

    Anonymous - We've not discussed it with her yet. She has given us a great deal of her time already and we're very grateful She even dedicated one book to 'The three angels at the Cotswold Bookstore'.

    D.J Kirkby Hi DJ. Sorry not to have been in touch for a long while. Have given up on Twitter. How are things. Book selling well? Blog not attended to for a while because of the holiday (fab time)Now will be doing some catch up. Hope things is good for you and yours. Tony.