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Sunday 12 September 2010

Justin Thyme signing photos.

My grandson Henry seems proud of his copy of Justin Thyme while grandson Lewis seems to have found something rather startling in his.

Meantime, the queue runs from well outside the door to the very back of the shop.

All of us at Cotswold Bookstore thank all of you who waited so patiently while the mountain of books were signed. It grew very hot in the shop and we only belatedly though of providing drinks of water.

We hope you have all now recovered and are thoroughly enjoying your copies of Justin Thyme. Do let us know what clues and secret messages you find.



  1. I received my book yesterday afternoon and started to read it last night....only got 3 chapters left to go :) Have worked some clues out but enjoying the story first

    Helen from Norfolk

  2. I would imagine you have finished it by now. I do hope you enjoyed it and will enjoy hunting down the clues and following the trails. Who was your favourite character?

  3. Its got to be that gorilla...but they are all intriguing...
    Whens the next book out? Do you know?

  4. I rate Mrs Kof. She's more gorilla than a gorilla! Must be just my infantile sense of humour but her dismembering of the English language I find very funny. As to the next book, I do know what the future holds (I had a ride on the Norton) but I don't know if I'm supposed to tell.

  5. :) Yes Mrs Kof would come a close second...I did chuckle when reading her dialogue. I think on the Tartan of Thyme website its says sometime in autumn 2011 for the next book :) I will just have to be patient and finish working out the rest of the clues in this one

  6. Best of luck on that. I'm still looking! Did you think of putting up a review on Amazon? I do a few.
    I thought this comment had gone out last night so I guess I was tired enough to not do something.

    Anybody else out there finished the book?

  7. I haven't yet but will get round to it as i think it deserves a good review :-)